Allow me to introduce myself!

This may not come as much of a suprise to most but I am a massive computer geek (although I don’t look it) and with being a geek I have naturally found alot of neat and usefull things throughout my hunting on the internet, and of course training (stay in school it’s worth it). I’m always the goto guy when it comes to getting Windows fixed or networking issues. However at this moment right now I have jumped into something that I know almost nothing about (and when I say nothing i mean NOTHING!!!). It caled (drum roll please) Ubuntu! Yes Ubuntu. Now when I first heard of this (roughly 3 years ago) I really knew jack about linux. I just fluffed it off saying “it’s just a fad”. However recently this name is becoming more and more popular but one thing hasn’t changed. I still know nothing about it. So journey with me as I jump head first into what I hope will be the wonderfull world of open source with my first ever linux distribution UBUNTU!


~ by jeymz on October 1, 2008.

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