I Need My Photoshop Fix

Today marks my fifth day using Ubuntu Linux. After having so much fun playing around with features Ubuntu offers I figured it’s time to start doing my day to day functions. Don’t get me wrong I love just being able to mess with Ubuntu but when work needs to be done and I’ve been letting it pile up for four days it tends to make my desk a little cluttered. So I reach to grab my first project of the day. Design a logo for a local coffee shop I’m developing a website for. Ok easy enough let me just open up photoshop… oh wait…. I don’t have photoshop that’s for windows and mac… Okay lets see what Ubuntu has. Now don’t get me wrong I love GIMP… But it’s to different for me to really be functional with… So I did my research (and when I say research I mean research). What I’ll be installing today is a program called Inkscape. Now I chose this application for two reasons. One it’s a vector image editor like photoshop. Two it looks alot like photoshop and offers alot of the same tools… Or so my research said. Now I did some reading and installation is going to be a breeze. Which is good because this means I can maybe focus on some of the features of this application.

There are two ways to install this application

Click Applications>Accessories>Terminal
Type: sudo apt-get install Inkscape

Click System>Administration>Synaptic Package Manager
Click Search
Type: Inkscape
Right Click Inscape
Click Mark For Installation
Click Apply
Click Apply

Once installed
Click Applications>Graphics>Inscape Vector Illustrator

The application itself takes some getting used to. Especially if you used to other image editors. But overall the quality of this application is very good. It offers a load of really cool features, and it’s a faily stable application. Which is sometimes hard to come across. All in all I think this application is a good substitute for Adobe Photoshop. Especially considering it’s free.


~ by jeymz on October 4, 2008.

5 Responses to “I Need My Photoshop Fix”

  1. Have you thought about using wine to install photoshop?

    • Yes actually I have since then done that. I think the main point to remember is there are open source alternatives to many of the windows platform programs.

  2. Yea I like wine but I would rather have a native Linux program than the Wine alternative. Wich makes me sad most of the time because I am a big gamer and end up having to resort back to windows to play alot of my games :(.

    • There is a great program for Linux called cedega… It’s not perfected yet but it works great for running windows API games in Linux without virtualization

  3. sorry Jermemy its been FOREVER since I have been back on WordPress lol. But yea I tried cedega once and didnt enjoy it, you have to pay a monthly fee for it. Wich I find defeats the purpose of messing with it at all, becuase if you play any type of mainstream MMO you are already paying a monthly fee for that. So why stack on more $$ per month JUST so you can play it on linux, I would much rather dual-boot than do that. So until Cedega(aka WineX) or Wine come out with a stable gaming solution (or game developers decide to spend a few extra hours compiling their games in Linux to vastly expand their consumer market and tear down the rediculous thieving empire of M$ Windoze) then I am stuck flipping back and forth between the 2 😦

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