Website WOOT

So I finally broke down and turned my machine into a webserver. Now this wasn’t the easiest task considering I was behind a router and I have road runner which means dynamic IP address (constantly changing). So how did I do it? Well first off I installed windows XP (yuck) then I enabled the IIS component through Add/Remove Programs > Add/ Remove Windows Components. Then I had to get all my updates to make sure my machine wasn’t hacked. After that I had to configure my router. Now I have a Belkin Wireless router so I set my machine to have a static IP then in the belkin config I clicked Virtual servers set port 80 to route to my IP address. Then I went to and set up a host name and Then I went back to my router filled in my credentials in the DynDNS tab and blam I have a fully working website. Check it out go to or http://jeymz/


~ by jeymz on January 11, 2009.

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