The ultimate keylogger!!!

Okay so what started out as a work project turned into something I actually kind of wanted then shortly after turned into something I no longer needed but all the same it was something that when researching I wish I could have found a easy to use straight and honest blog about. That’s right keyloggers. Sure keyloggers have a horrible rep in the business for being infested with trojans and other types of malaware but alas after several attempts (and failed OS installs later) I have finally found one that not only works… but works well. Let me start from the beginning.

My boss (I wont mention his name) asked me to research various key loggers for monitoring people in our office to ensure they were doing their jobs and not “slacking off”. I gladly agreed as I too was  somewhat interested in doing research on this topic. Now what happened was I googled “free keylogger download” and clicked on the first one that popped up…. BAD IDEA!!! I was soon getting messages from our internet provider telling me that my machine was infected with a virus and if I didn’t remove it immediately they were going to disconnect my service… How is a computer geek like myself to live without internet? So alas I redid my system and moved on with a little more education on the topic. I spent a couple days goole searching this and google searching that looking back and forth trying to make sure that any 2 descriptions of a certain product were the exact same. Then I found REFOG! Refog keylogger does cost monet (around 40 bucks for the personal edition). I would not recommend using the free version as this has been known to not only error out but it also does not offer complete privacy (put short you cannot hide it completly). So i forked out the US$40 and bought the software. It was easy to install but I did have a little bit of a tricky time finding out how to hide it… Turns out just entering the registration code at the installation is not enough you also have to click HELP>REGISTRATION and enter the key in again. Setting up logging is the fun part. It obviouslylogs the keystrokes (including non-printing keys) which is a good thing if people are using alot of delete keys and shortcuts. It also has some pretty sleek features like timed screenshots, application history, browsing history, and did I mention it’s nearly impossible to find? I’m not what people would call a l33t h4ck3r but I do know quite alot when it comes tthe windows platform. I looked for 4 days trying to find just the most subtle signs of this keylogger… My antivirus couldn’t catch it, my registry was completly clean, no additional processes… hell I could not even see a single service that it was using… The only way I found out it was even on my computer was it had some encrypted file deep in the system 32 folder that was named something crazy as hell… I had to actually install windows XP again then compare the files between each other. Opening the keylogger is easy enough you press the shortcut keys (by default it’s CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+K) enter a password into the dialog box and bam you in. Nowthe only problemI found was the settings that come by default are like if your monitoring a 70 year old lady who types a sentenace walks away and gets lost for an hour then comes back to her computer and repeats the cycle. So here’s how I configed it.

First I set the screenshots to 1 every 2 seconds (this way if the person is in a chat your getting the entire conversation not just what the user types)
Second I changed the max log size (it starts out at like some 128KB which lets face it is not going to give you much logging time when your taking a screenshot every 2 seconds)
Third I changed the shortcut key (Lets face it when your in an enviroment with a buch of computer geeks one of them is bount to know how to use google)
Fourth I set a password (this is important set a damn password or else everything can be cleared prior to your check)
Fifth Ionly enabled logging for users who needed to be logged (I don’t want to generate a huge log because i jumped on to check someone elses log that’s just redundant!)

And last but not least I asked myself the biggest and boldest question there is out there… If any of you are planning on using this to find out if your girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating on you or something that is clearly an invasion of privacy and not a protection of assets… Ask yourself is the relationship with this person worth it. I had a little power trip when I found out I could run this keylogger but to be honest it’s not fair to anyone. In the end all your going to have is a lot of information with no fact or truth behind it, just word after word of misunderstanding… Now that that’s out of the way if your running a small business or a private firm A+ for REFOG KEYLOGGER!!!!!


~ by jeymz on March 21, 2009.

4 Responses to “The ultimate keylogger!!!”

  1. Dude, awesome post. Check out our blah[g] we got some nice stuff on there. My friend J4P4NM4N posted a sweet internal email spoof post, and is also working on some MD5 decrytion. So yea check it out its pretty awesome.

  2. Thanks I will deff check out that blog.

  3. yo nice post man
    refog is pretty tight but then i decided to make my own so i dont have to worry about antiviruses and stuff
    its a work in progress and we’re gonna have some pretty sick features emailing logs/ ftp uploading/ firewall bypassing and stuff
    no its not meant for malicious reasons

    check it out

  4. Thanks for sharing this article. For best Keylogger software, use Keyprowler.No one but you can ever see the data that KeyProwler keylogger saves. Ever wondered who your girlfriend or boyfriend is chatting with on Myspace, Facebook, and other dating sites late at night, KeyProwler Keylogger lets you read messages sent on Myspace, Facebook, and any other Internet site and also takes a screenshot of the pages and photos that he or she is looking at. Look at his or her e-mails with KeyProwler Keylogger, check up on or monitor employees. This keylogger can get screenshots on entry of trigger words.

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