I’ve gone netbook crazy!!!

So this actually may come to everybody as much of a suprise but I have never owned a new laptop. Once when I was in high school I received a hand me down gateway laptop with under 64MB of ram (which for the time still was not good) and the battery was dead which basically meant it had no laptop advantage anylonger. Anyways I’ve always wanted a laptop but could never wrap my head around carrying a giant laptop everywhere I go. The macbook air seemed like a pretty good one but lets face it I like my windows made machines and honestly the reviews on it weren’t all that great. So anyways the girlfriend and I went to best buy to look at T.Vs and of course I just have to go look at the computer section (it’s what I do). While looking around I saw that best buy now has an entire section dedicated to netbooks. For me a netbook it actually a pretty good idea for the most part all I want to do with my laptop would be surf the web stay in touch with work via emails and of course blog to my heart’s content. As far as gaming goes I’m not much of a gamer but I do enjoy playing spore sometimes. Anyways I finally decided I WANT ONE!!! Yesterday I researched my brains out looking for which ones were good vs. bad and features, upgradeability etc. Now I originally had my eye set on the HP 1030N mainly because of the nice keyboard this unit had. That to me is one of the biggest drawbacks with the netbooks out there today is you get a mini keyboard but your gonna need some type of a pointer to ensure accurate typing (especially with giant fingers such as mine). Turns out the system had some really good reviews. The website (and HP Tech Support) said that it was only upgradable to 1 GB which is what it came with so that was a drawback but alot of the reviews I read said they upgraded to 2 GB. So I decided to give this netbook a shot. I went and bought the unit at best buy total was about $370 after tax. Then I went to Microcenter and bought a 2GB stick of DDR2 RAM and an external DVD/RW drive. most netbooks do not come with any type of optical drive. Got home installed the memory and bam it worked great. The 16GB SSD drive is a decent amount for me but I have an external WD Passport also so that helps. The touch pad takes a little getting used to mainly because of the left and right click button positioning but overall it’s not to complicated. The unit (to my suprise) was able to run the spore game (on low quality of course). The unit gets a little warm when running for any extended period of time but the battery life on this little sucker is amazing. The webcam is a little lacking but if you change the settings around it’s managable. Overall I am very pleased with this unit and wont be getting anything new for a long time.


~ by jeymz on April 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “I’ve gone netbook crazy!!!”

  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. Anytime Matt =)

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