HP Mobile Internet Experience

As your well aware I recently received a new HP Mini 1030NR. I bought the netbook at Bestbuy and it came with windows XP Home edition preinstalled. Now you have to really make it easy for me to even use windows… let alone Home edition of anything. I just don’t like and stripped down versions because they always just end up causing problems later on down the road. In example I set up the laptop and oh wait Home can’t connect to a domain… Well crap I’m fucked when i set this up for work… Okay what about networking with vista ultimate… It’s total crap. So I plug in my external DVD drive and start installing XP pro. Well the drivers suck for one… The HDD is only 16GB and I have the old version of XP pro so every service pack I install I can see my music collection shrinking. Then it hit me,.. UBUNTU!!! HP makes a remix of Ubuntu called MIE. This specific remix is geared more towards use with a netbook. One major problem with netbooks running windows XP is their small display. People don’t want to have to operate an entire OS via a 8.9 inch screen. They went to be able to sit back without having to be 3 inches from the screen to read what they just typed. The MIE remix fixes this. It offers a very easy to use home screen with all the essentials right there at the start. You have your mail section your web section and your media section, for music and photos. It offers all the essential applications without the extra crap that just takes up hard drive space. While the OS itself is smaller than windows XP it’s still nice to get as much extra room as possible. The drivers are all loaded and setup great. To put it simply I have never had linux work so well with all my hardware like it works with this laptops built in devices. Webcam, Mic, Audio, Touchpad, Even video are all set up right after installation. It’s got a great user interface that has everything you need just one click away. They worked alot to hide the fact that you are actually using linux but it is very easy to open a terminal and start configing your system to what you want.


~ by jeymz on April 6, 2009.

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