Windows 7 Review

Now, I am not normally one to go bragging about anything Microsoft (come to think of it I have never wrote a single good review for them); but alas, they have finally made something worth talking about!  I’ve been keeping a close eye on Windows 7 since the beginning.  At first, I was mainly trying to put them down for releasing Windows Vista and Windows 7 so close together.  Let’s face it, people don’t like change and to me it felt like they were just changing too much too fast.  It seemed like a good opportunity for Linux to finally take a little more of a lead in the operating system market.

So, let’s start at the begining.  Obviously, I have been keeping a close eye on Microsoft Windows 7 for a while now and didn’t see anything that really sparked my interest.  I was invited to try, however did not attempt to test the beta.  Then, a couple of weeks ago, I found out that they have released their official Windows 7 RC.  To my surprise they were leaving the RC up until June of 2010.  So, with the nice time frame included I decided to give it a shot. Now, I read that it runs pretty decent on netbooks which if you keep up on my blog you would know I have a sleek HP Mini 1030NR.  Running anything other than Linux on this machine just slows it down to a crawl due to the Intel ATOM processor and small 16GB SSD.  But to my complete surprise, not only did Windows 7 install without any driver complications…but it was actually faster than any other OS installation I have ever loaded.  It took a total of about 20 minutes to completely install and let me tell you it runs better than any OS I have ever put on this little netbook of mine!

Onto the new stuff.  As far as functionality goes, if you’ve been using Windows Vista the user interface will seem pretty normal. The biggest noticeable change made to the desktop is the task bar.  There is no more fumbling with large rectangles with giant names.  You can now just hover over a specific icon and see all instances of this program in real time.  YES!!!  REAL TIME!!! Something found only in Linux!  Let’s see, the start menu is pretty much the same as Vista with a convenient search bar.  Something new you will find is a pretty cool new feature called the action center.  This is basically like the Windows security center, but is much more user friendly and to be quite honest, a lot less annoying.  I think Microsoft has finally realized that when people are not running anti-virus software they don’t want to be notified every 5 minutes about this.  So, they put the “Turn off messages about Anti-Virus” option right in the action center.  No more opening properties or anything like that, Windows 7 has been made to be right there in your face with everything, which is nice.  I can finally stop having to hunt to find out how to fix stupid little details about my system!

I will review more features as I dig into them and test more and more.  All in all though, right out of the box I am very happy with the ease of use and added features that take no time to set up and run very smoothly on a low end netbook.  Finally a version of Windows I would actually pay for!

The Windows 7 Desktop

The Windows 7 Desktop


~ by jeymz on May 21, 2009.

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