Windows 7 Control Panel

I left you off last with a brief overview of the Windows 7 desktop. Now lets get into some of the good stuff. Now if your anything like me (which if your reading this blog you probably are) you will agree that the ability to easily navigate the control panel in windows 7 is a big issue. It seems like ever since XP they have been trying harder and harder to make take you in this giant loop in order to accomplish anything with their category views. For the average Joe this can be useful but when we just want to get something done we don’t want to be taken through what seems like a support script. With Windows 7 this isn’t as big of a deal. I think they have finally come to terms with the fact that people who go into the control panel know the control panel. So they have cut down on the extra bull crap in exchange for a much more robust category view.

Now if your still just not feeling it which I can fully understand they have put a very easy to use drop down menu in the top right corner where you can choose to view as either large icons or my personal favorite small icons.
Now talk about robust these options are all available right out of the box and pretty much allow maximum customization as far as I’m concerned. Now aside from a few options you will most likely look at this and say “wow looks like vista’s options” but there’s a little more to it. See the trouble shooting control panel option? Yeah that’s a pretty new feature which has the potential to really save a lot of IT Geeks many annoying calls. This seems to be a pretty useful tool but alas we will dig into that a little later. You’ll also notice a couple other new options such as the Action Center, Location And Other Sensors, RemoteApp and Desktop Connections. Now while the rest of these options look the same I assure you Microsoft has completely revamped these tools to not only be more efficient but also to be in your face with all the options so you don’t have to dig to far to do what you want! That’s it for now be sure to subscribe for more updates.


~ by jeymz on May 24, 2009.

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