Windows 7 (So easy your girlfriend can use it)

So as you all know I’m a huge computer buff. I am changing computer crap more frequently than women change outfits. This can be a huge annoyance if you have someone living with you though. For instance my girlfriend (and kudos to her she’s actually pretty computer literate) often comes home to everything on the desktop completely gone and a new operating system that she now has to navigate through. Now when we originally moved in together I was running Windows XP and she told me there was no way in hell she would ever use Windows Vista (can’t say I blamed her) but alas part of my job is knowing how to work with every operating system Microsoft offers and in turn I had to get Vista and give it a shot. She was hesitant at first but eventually found her way through it and used it on a regular basis. Now we’re at Windows 7 and to my surprise I think she’s actually better navigating this than she was with XP. I’m not saying she knows how to go in and add network share permissions to homegroup only but alas she wouldn’t have to call someone out if she wanted to. They’ve really made this new operating system “user friendly”. I am shocked on a daily basis with how out and in the open everything is. Want to share a folder with your network easy right click on a folder click share then click homegroup. Want to access your desktop computers files from your laptop? Easy connect and then click the network button on the bottom right click join workgroup type in your password and your done. I mean they’ve finally made it possible to network computers without wanting to shoot yourself or wondering “why the hell can’t I see this computer!!!”. On a side not though been having some issues with games recently but alas it’s expected considering it’s still in beta. More updates to come sorry about the lack of posts been really busy with work and stuff =(


~ by jeymz on July 12, 2009.

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