Netbooking it!

Anybody who has been keeping tabs on new trends knows that the netbook is very popular right now. It’s selling like crazy and right now tons of companies are all trying to get in on the action. There are a lot of different options out there right now if you decide to get a netbook but tons of people get one and end up loading it up with so many applications that working on the thing is near impossible at times. Well don’t worry here’s a quick list of some key essentials everybody should know when they purchase a netbook.

First off netbooks are not regular laptops or desktops, so don’t use them so. Netbooks don’t have alot of system resources like hard drive space and memory so if you start installing applications your going to soon realize that your out of luck. Now wether you have a linux based netbook or a windows based one here’s what you should do. Install Google Chrome Webbrowser. This is a very small application that does not use a title bar and will allow everybody to see alot more of the website. Another great part about google chrome is it’s very secure and relatively new so there’s not alot of exploits out there for it. Now once you have that installed you’ll want to set up some basic accounts for some key websites <This is a great website that lets you log in and use a number of different IM clients at the same time. <This website will let you upload all your music from your deasktop this way you can play your music anywhere you go without taking up all your hard drive space < Ok so maybe you already have an email but having a gmail account will enable use of google documents which is a great alternative to installing Open office or microsoft office (PLEASE DO NOT INSTALL MICROSOFT OFFICE ON A NETBOOK) <This website will allow you to work on your home computer from anywhere you have internet access. It is free but the free account is limited in that you cannot transfer files between computers but you can still see your home computer and use it as if it were right there in front of you.

The key point I am trying to get across to everybody is chances are anything you would normally do on a computer can be done on a website instead and that’s what netbooks were made for. Netbooks would not exist if people did not depend on the internet as much as we do. If you follow that one rule chances are you’ll be able to impress alot of poeple with your netbook because at any given time you’ll only have 1 program running and netbooks can handle that. You wont have issues with the screen being so small that you cannot see a window because internet browsers shrink everything down for you and lets face it getting frustrated at a netbook can be a bad thing if your the type of person who likes to beat up computers when they start to run slow.

As a side note anybody who feels comfortable with upgrading their operating system I would higly recommend using Windows 7 on your netbook. I’ve been running it since June and I cannot tell you how amazing it is. My netbook was actually faster than my friends desktop which is currently running XP and lets just say he’s not running XP anymore =P


~ by jeymz on September 18, 2009.

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