Sadly all it boils down to is money in today’s world!

With technology advancing at such a rapid rate it’s no wonder people embrace this technology with open arms. In the long run technology always has the same goal; to make poeple’s lives easier and more efficient. The problem with technology is when giant sudo corporations get involved because they’re overall interests are different. Take for instance Apple (Sorry all you apple fans). Apple is a perfect example of how what could very easily be technology that changes the world is used instead as a way to make the rich even richer. Take for instance the recent release of the Apple iPad. The technology used in this device is truly jaw dropping. The thin touch screen the powerfull processor and the overall usefullness this product could provide makes it a true tech marvel! However Apple is out to make money and that’s it. So what do they do to ensure maximum profit? They restrict this products technology and force people to only use apple software with it! Why? I must ask! Why is it that they couldn’t open the greatness of this product to other operating systems? Why can’t people be allowed to use this great peice of hardware in other applications like hospitals and high volume companies? Because Apple knows that’s a market that wont make them a shit load of money is why! The sad truth is that many companies, not just apple are only in the game to make money! Put it this way ask any tech guru who uses linux why they hate Microsoft! No matter what it will most likely boil down to the fact that Microsoft is a corporate giant who charges an arm and a leg for their software without considering the customer! If for instance Microsoft were to release their product for free, or even a stripped down version of their product you bet your ass people would jump on that! Why? Because people don’t have the money to pay for products that they don’t find “worth it”. I guess you could view this as a rant but all in all I just think it’s really sad that we could be so close to an almost utopia type environment when it comes to technology but because we have rich, excuse my language, fucking ass holes running these giant ass corporations the people who lack money and need technology the most are left unsatisified! Please let the record note that their are some companies, and groups of people, who try very hard to ensure that technology get’s spread around at a reasonable, if not free rate. Google for instance makes loads of money but doesn’t charge for a basic version of any single peice of their software! They “share” their technology with the world and maybe just maybe if corporations realized this they might understand why google is standing on quite a bit of cash! People love google for their openess and freeness. My only hope is that one day instead of placing more and more restrictions of technology we embrace the concept of open source and finally live in harmony with corporations who produce this truly generation changing technology that the world can use on a daily basis!


~ by jeymz on February 19, 2010.

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