Sold Out

As many of my readers already know I am a huge fan of LaLa was a great website that offered music at an affordable rate and delivered it in a way that was not only unique but also very convenient. While they may not have started up as fast as other music companies they were growing at a very alarming rate and had a very large fan base. LaLa was finally on its way to the top and what do they do? They sell out to Apple. This is a perfect example of how in the end companies don’t care about the people who need or want them, they only care about the money! I’d be lying if I said that this didn’t upset me because in reality it does. It upsets me very much! It seems like every time I find a company that actually does the right thing, and in a legal way, they turn around and either sell out to a giant sudo corporation or fuck people over by changing the their policy; the very policy that people love so much about them! I wish companies would have more faith in their users. Have more faith in the fact that they too have the potential to be greatly used and appreciated. LaLa was one of the only music sharing websites I have come across that every person I spoke with either loved them or had never heard of them. That simple fact right there tells me that they had a very good service, and that they, as a company, were very well liked and appreciated. I don’t know who the original owner of the company was (although I think I may have a clue), but whoever you are I would just like you to know this one thing. You as an individual are pathetic! You are a horrible person for what you did and I hope with all my heart that you one day realize that what you did was not only wrong but also against everything all your users thought your website stood for. I hope you realize the number of people you fucked over! I hope that in the future you never receive a single ounce of respect from anybody you may encounter because people like you sir are the reason people like me and all the LaLa users have no faith in companies like the one you used to own. Apple is probably going to either fuck people over using your old website as a vessel, or potentially take away all the music people invested so much time and money into collecting via your old website! There is only one way in my opinion to redeem yourself and you know what it is. I hope karma kicks your ass for the rest of your life. I hope your family feels the same shame that you should feel right now for what you did. I hope that you never live this down because people like you hinder our generations future and cause nothing but regret and sorrow from the very people who before would have defended you to the death! Sir I would like to end this with two final heart filled words from all the users to you!

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!


~ by jeymz on February 20, 2010.

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