It’s just what I do!

It dawned on me today that while I am lucky enough to have a job that I actually enjoy what I do, many people live their days out doing shit that drives them mad. This really upsets me because in reality people could very easily make money doing the things they love to do , and instead of coming home miserable every day would instead be happy and learn to enjoy life rather than curse it. I love to help people! To be able to make a person smile, laugh, or simply not be down gives me the greatest satisfaction I’ve ever experienced. I’m also very good with computers, and technology in general. So I combine what makes me happy with what I’m good at in order to accomplish some sense of happiness in my life. While I would hope making people happy is everybody’s goal in life I would have to spend years listing all the possible things people are good at. I wish there was a way to help people get out and do the things they love to do; and to help them in a way that they can actually make money off of it. I have a lot of ideas but getting people to help always seems to be my shortcoming. It takes a lot of creativity to get ideas out into the world and it usually takes a mass audience, both of which I lack. I hope maybe in some bizarre turn of faith that someone happens to stumble upon this blog who has the resources I need and can offer them in exchange for the resources I offer. Here’s to wishful thinking!


~ by jeymz on July 2, 2010.

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