Interestingly enough (Nexus 7)

So I finally caved and decided to get myself a tablet for my birthday and dive right into this tablet era that is rapidly approaching. My thoughts after countless reviews was very well likes and powerful for the 7″ tablet series. I decided on the 16 version but due to the inventory sprung for the 32gig alternative. It runs smooth and although the app market is somewhat bare it offers a lot of productivity and leisurely tools to get through my day. I didn’t use much of my phone at all the first day of having it but overall I think it will become a normal part of my routine.



~ by jeymz on November 8, 2012.

2 Responses to “Interestingly enough (Nexus 7)”

  1. I was surprised by how quickly my Nexus 7 replaced my laptop as my “go to” gadget around the house. I was thinking it was just a “nice to have” and would be handy in front of the TV for quick look ups, and checking facebook but actually I now use it for all kinds of stuff and my poor laptop feels a little redundant! (I use my desktop for “real” work).

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