IT is pretty simple

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So you’ve finally decided to start getting that business you’ve been thinking about into more than just an “idea”? If your anything like the majority of the current small business owners that have lined up before you there’s that little voice in the back of you head saying your not going to do it. You try to set down a plan to get this project rolling but you realize that your business is going to need a website. At this point your faced with two questions. Do you fork over the money to get it professionally done or do you try to do it yourself to save some cash? Well with JaJa Hosting you don’t have to sacrifice service for your money. Not only do we offer great reliable hosting services we work with you to help develop a strategy for your business so you don’t have to worry about all that tech babble; instead you can focus your time and energy on launching your grounds for success! We understand what it takes to get a business up and running; we know because we’ve been there. We can help with our great IT services and outstanding customer support and business integration. JaJa also works with you on developing an easy and reliable way of updating your website without all the hassle of code. With great third party integration with high profile social media networking and free flash website feed updates we can ensure that your customers will always have instant access to all the information you wish them to know. We also offer very competitive rates on Search Engine Optimization and other search engine related services to make sure that the your company is reaching the right type of potential customers. The best part is where’s based right in the greater Cincinnati area in Ohio and can offer based IT solutions for your company to improve the relationship with your clients. Let JaJa Hosting do the worrying! Visit Remember, you don’t have to sacrifice money for quality with JaJa Hosting!

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Netbooking it!

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Anybody who has been keeping tabs on new trends knows that the netbook is very popular right now. It’s selling like crazy and right now tons of companies are all trying to get in on the action. There are a lot of different options out there right now if you decide to get a netbook but tons of people get one and end up loading it up with so many applications that working on the thing is near impossible at times. Well don’t worry here’s a quick list of some key essentials everybody should know when they purchase a netbook.

First off netbooks are not regular laptops or desktops, so don’t use them so. Netbooks don’t have alot of system resources like hard drive space and memory so if you start installing applications your going to soon realize that your out of luck. Now wether you have a linux based netbook or a windows based one here’s what you should do. Install Google Chrome Webbrowser. This is a very small application that does not use a title bar and will allow everybody to see alot more of the website. Another great part about google chrome is it’s very secure and relatively new so there’s not alot of exploits out there for it. Now once you have that installed you’ll want to set up some basic accounts for some key websites <This is a great website that lets you log in and use a number of different IM clients at the same time. <This website will let you upload all your music from your deasktop this way you can play your music anywhere you go without taking up all your hard drive space < Ok so maybe you already have an email but having a gmail account will enable use of google documents which is a great alternative to installing Open office or microsoft office (PLEASE DO NOT INSTALL MICROSOFT OFFICE ON A NETBOOK) <This website will allow you to work on your home computer from anywhere you have internet access. It is free but the free account is limited in that you cannot transfer files between computers but you can still see your home computer and use it as if it were right there in front of you.

The key point I am trying to get across to everybody is chances are anything you would normally do on a computer can be done on a website instead and that’s what netbooks were made for. Netbooks would not exist if people did not depend on the internet as much as we do. If you follow that one rule chances are you’ll be able to impress alot of poeple with your netbook because at any given time you’ll only have 1 program running and netbooks can handle that. You wont have issues with the screen being so small that you cannot see a window because internet browsers shrink everything down for you and lets face it getting frustrated at a netbook can be a bad thing if your the type of person who likes to beat up computers when they start to run slow.

As a side note anybody who feels comfortable with upgrading their operating system I would higly recommend using Windows 7 on your netbook. I’ve been running it since June and I cannot tell you how amazing it is. My netbook was actually faster than my friends desktop which is currently running XP and lets just say he’s not running XP anymore =P

Windows 7 (So easy your girlfriend can use it)

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So as you all know I’m a huge computer buff. I am changing computer crap more frequently than women change outfits. This can be a huge annoyance if you have someone living with you though. For instance my girlfriend (and kudos to her she’s actually pretty computer literate) often comes home to everything on the desktop completely gone and a new operating system that she now has to navigate through. Now when we originally moved in together I was running Windows XP and she told me there was no way in hell she would ever use Windows Vista (can’t say I blamed her) but alas part of my job is knowing how to work with every operating system Microsoft offers and in turn I had to get Vista and give it a shot. She was hesitant at first but eventually found her way through it and used it on a regular basis. Now we’re at Windows 7 and to my surprise I think she’s actually better navigating this than she was with XP. I’m not saying she knows how to go in and add network share permissions to homegroup only but alas she wouldn’t have to call someone out if she wanted to. They’ve really made this new operating system “user friendly”. I am shocked on a daily basis with how out and in the open everything is. Want to share a folder with your network easy right click on a folder click share then click homegroup. Want to access your desktop computers files from your laptop? Easy connect and then click the network button on the bottom right click join workgroup type in your password and your done. I mean they’ve finally made it possible to network computers without wanting to shoot yourself or wondering “why the hell can’t I see this computer!!!”. On a side not though been having some issues with games recently but alas it’s expected considering it’s still in beta. More updates to come sorry about the lack of posts been really busy with work and stuff =(

Windows 7 Control Panel

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I left you off last with a brief overview of the Windows 7 desktop. Now lets get into some of the good stuff. Now if your anything like me (which if your reading this blog you probably are) you will agree that the ability to easily navigate the control panel in windows 7 is a big issue. It seems like ever since XP they have been trying harder and harder to make take you in this giant loop in order to accomplish anything with their category views. For the average Joe this can be useful but when we just want to get something done we don’t want to be taken through what seems like a support script. With Windows 7 this isn’t as big of a deal. I think they have finally come to terms with the fact that people who go into the control panel know the control panel. So they have cut down on the extra bull crap in exchange for a much more robust category view.

Now if your still just not feeling it which I can fully understand they have put a very easy to use drop down menu in the top right corner where you can choose to view as either large icons or my personal favorite small icons.
Now talk about robust these options are all available right out of the box and pretty much allow maximum customization as far as I’m concerned. Now aside from a few options you will most likely look at this and say “wow looks like vista’s options” but there’s a little more to it. See the trouble shooting control panel option? Yeah that’s a pretty new feature which has the potential to really save a lot of IT Geeks many annoying calls. This seems to be a pretty useful tool but alas we will dig into that a little later. You’ll also notice a couple other new options such as the Action Center, Location And Other Sensors, RemoteApp and Desktop Connections. Now while the rest of these options look the same I assure you Microsoft has completely revamped these tools to not only be more efficient but also to be in your face with all the options so you don’t have to dig to far to do what you want! That’s it for now be sure to subscribe for more updates.

Windows 7 Review

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Now, I am not normally one to go bragging about anything Microsoft (come to think of it I have never wrote a single good review for them); but alas, they have finally made something worth talking about!  I’ve been keeping a close eye on Windows 7 since the beginning.  At first, I was mainly trying to put them down for releasing Windows Vista and Windows 7 so close together.  Let’s face it, people don’t like change and to me it felt like they were just changing too much too fast.  It seemed like a good opportunity for Linux to finally take a little more of a lead in the operating system market.

So, let’s start at the begining.  Obviously, I have been keeping a close eye on Microsoft Windows 7 for a while now and didn’t see anything that really sparked my interest.  I was invited to try, however did not attempt to test the beta.  Then, a couple of weeks ago, I found out that they have released their official Windows 7 RC.  To my surprise they were leaving the RC up until June of 2010.  So, with the nice time frame included I decided to give it a shot. Now, I read that it runs pretty decent on netbooks which if you keep up on my blog you would know I have a sleek HP Mini 1030NR.  Running anything other than Linux on this machine just slows it down to a crawl due to the Intel ATOM processor and small 16GB SSD.  But to my complete surprise, not only did Windows 7 install without any driver complications…but it was actually faster than any other OS installation I have ever loaded.  It took a total of about 20 minutes to completely install and let me tell you it runs better than any OS I have ever put on this little netbook of mine!

Onto the new stuff.  As far as functionality goes, if you’ve been using Windows Vista the user interface will seem pretty normal. The biggest noticeable change made to the desktop is the task bar.  There is no more fumbling with large rectangles with giant names.  You can now just hover over a specific icon and see all instances of this program in real time.  YES!!!  REAL TIME!!! Something found only in Linux!  Let’s see, the start menu is pretty much the same as Vista with a convenient search bar.  Something new you will find is a pretty cool new feature called the action center.  This is basically like the Windows security center, but is much more user friendly and to be quite honest, a lot less annoying.  I think Microsoft has finally realized that when people are not running anti-virus software they don’t want to be notified every 5 minutes about this.  So, they put the “Turn off messages about Anti-Virus” option right in the action center.  No more opening properties or anything like that, Windows 7 has been made to be right there in your face with everything, which is nice.  I can finally stop having to hunt to find out how to fix stupid little details about my system!

I will review more features as I dig into them and test more and more.  All in all though, right out of the box I am very happy with the ease of use and added features that take no time to set up and run very smoothly on a low end netbook.  Finally a version of Windows I would actually pay for!

The Windows 7 Desktop

The Windows 7 Desktop

Adobe AIR is like magic!

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If I’m anything like the countless number of PC users you know how frustrating it can be to change operating systems. You have to make sure all your programs are cross compatible and if they aren’t you have to either spend countless hours figuring out how to port it or just give up all together. I understand this frustration. I’m a PC/Linux/MAC user and I always need a specific machine for something which gets very frustrating. Well not anymore. Drum roll please I would like to introduce you all to a great application called Adobe AIR. While it’s not an emulator or virtualization application it does offer cross compatibility across all OSs. So what is Adobe AIR you may ask. Well basically it’s like a mini OS. There are thousands of applications made for Adobe AIR and as long as it’s installed on your PC you can rest assured that it will work on your device. From twitter clients to micro management utilities it’s got a range of great applications that can be very use full. So what does Jeymz recommend? Well I think if your looking to switch OSs and a specific application is not available try looking up an Adobe AIR equivalent that you can use to replace your application. Plus have I mentioned it’s free? Free is good in this crappy economy which is a added bonus to this amazing application!

HP Mobile Internet Experience

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As your well aware I recently received a new HP Mini 1030NR. I bought the netbook at Bestbuy and it came with windows XP Home edition preinstalled. Now you have to really make it easy for me to even use windows… let alone Home edition of anything. I just don’t like and stripped down versions because they always just end up causing problems later on down the road. In example I set up the laptop and oh wait Home can’t connect to a domain… Well crap I’m fucked when i set this up for work… Okay what about networking with vista ultimate… It’s total crap. So I plug in my external DVD drive and start installing XP pro. Well the drivers suck for one… The HDD is only 16GB and I have the old version of XP pro so every service pack I install I can see my music collection shrinking. Then it hit me,.. UBUNTU!!! HP makes a remix of Ubuntu called MIE. This specific remix is geared more towards use with a netbook. One major problem with netbooks running windows XP is their small display. People don’t want to have to operate an entire OS via a 8.9 inch screen. They went to be able to sit back without having to be 3 inches from the screen to read what they just typed. The MIE remix fixes this. It offers a very easy to use home screen with all the essentials right there at the start. You have your mail section your web section and your media section, for music and photos. It offers all the essential applications without the extra crap that just takes up hard drive space. While the OS itself is smaller than windows XP it’s still nice to get as much extra room as possible. The drivers are all loaded and setup great. To put it simply I have never had linux work so well with all my hardware like it works with this laptops built in devices. Webcam, Mic, Audio, Touchpad, Even video are all set up right after installation. It’s got a great user interface that has everything you need just one click away. They worked alot to hide the fact that you are actually using linux but it is very easy to open a terminal and start configing your system to what you want.