define. (Enlightened)

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Enlightenment refers to the “full comprehension of a situation”.[web 1] It is commonly used to denote the Age of Enlightenment,[note 1] but is also used in Western cultures in a religious context. It translates several Buddhist terms and concepts, most notably bodhi,[note 2] kensho and satori. Related terms from Asian religions are moksha(liberation) in HinduismKevala Jnana in Jainism and ushta in Zoroastrianism.

In Christianity, the word “enlightenment” is rarely used, except to refer to the Age of Enlightenment and its influence on Christianity. Equivalent terms may be revelation,metanoia and conversion.


To an analog robot enlightenment is realization of the random algorithm and how it ties to oneself.



Something more… (nexus 7)

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Day 2 of my nexus experience and today the tablet is impressing me again. The speedy ness of the tegra 3 processor definitely makes this tablet stand out. I had a chance to use my friend’s Motorola Xoom today and you could tell the difference in not only the screen contrast but overall speed and size. Don’t get me wrong I know its a 10″ tablet compared to a 7″ but for me I prefer the 7″ it fits in my hand more comfortably and isn’t heavy so its easy for me to use on the go 

Interestingly enough (Nexus 7)

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So I finally caved and decided to get myself a tablet for my birthday and dive right into this tablet era that is rapidly approaching. My thoughts after countless reviews was very well likes and powerful for the 7″ tablet series. I decided on the 16 version but due to the inventory sprung for the 32gig alternative. It runs smooth and although the app market is somewhat bare it offers a lot of productivity and leisurely tools to get through my day. I didn’t use much of my phone at all the first day of having it but overall I think it will become a normal part of my routine.


It’s just what I do!

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It dawned on me today that while I am lucky enough to have a job that I actually enjoy what I do, many people live their days out doing shit that drives them mad. This really upsets me because in reality people could very easily make money doing the things they love to do , and instead of coming home miserable every day would instead be happy and learn to enjoy life rather than curse it. I love to help people! To be able to make a person smile, laugh, or simply not be down gives me the greatest satisfaction I’ve ever experienced. I’m also very good with computers, and technology in general. So I combine what makes me happy with what I’m good at in order to accomplish some sense of happiness in my life. While I would hope making people happy is everybody’s goal in life I would have to spend years listing all the possible things people are good at. I wish there was a way to help people get out and do the things they love to do; and to help them in a way that they can actually make money off of it. I have a lot of ideas but getting people to help always seems to be my shortcoming. It takes a lot of creativity to get ideas out into the world and it usually takes a mass audience, both of which I lack. I hope maybe in some bizarre turn of faith that someone happens to stumble upon this blog who has the resources I need and can offer them in exchange for the resources I offer. Here’s to wishful thinking! Sold Out

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As many of my readers already know I am a huge fan of LaLa was a great website that offered music at an affordable rate and delivered it in a way that was not only unique but also very convenient. While they may not have started up as fast as other music companies they were growing at a very alarming rate and had a very large fan base. LaLa was finally on its way to the top and what do they do? They sell out to Apple. This is a perfect example of how in the end companies don’t care about the people who need or want them, they only care about the money! I’d be lying if I said that this didn’t upset me because in reality it does. It upsets me very much! It seems like every time I find a company that actually does the right thing, and in a legal way, they turn around and either sell out to a giant sudo corporation or fuck people over by changing the their policy; the very policy that people love so much about them! I wish companies would have more faith in their users. Have more faith in the fact that they too have the potential to be greatly used and appreciated. LaLa was one of the only music sharing websites I have come across that every person I spoke with either loved them or had never heard of them. That simple fact right there tells me that they had a very good service, and that they, as a company, were very well liked and appreciated. I don’t know who the original owner of the company was (although I think I may have a clue), but whoever you are I would just like you to know this one thing. You as an individual are pathetic! You are a horrible person for what you did and I hope with all my heart that you one day realize that what you did was not only wrong but also against everything all your users thought your website stood for. I hope you realize the number of people you fucked over! I hope that in the future you never receive a single ounce of respect from anybody you may encounter because people like you sir are the reason people like me and all the LaLa users have no faith in companies like the one you used to own. Apple is probably going to either fuck people over using your old website as a vessel, or potentially take away all the music people invested so much time and money into collecting via your old website! There is only one way in my opinion to redeem yourself and you know what it is. I hope karma kicks your ass for the rest of your life. I hope your family feels the same shame that you should feel right now for what you did. I hope that you never live this down because people like you hinder our generations future and cause nothing but regret and sorrow from the very people who before would have defended you to the death! Sir I would like to end this with two final heart filled words from all the users to you!

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!

Sadly all it boils down to is money in today’s world!

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With technology advancing at such a rapid rate it’s no wonder people embrace this technology with open arms. In the long run technology always has the same goal; to make poeple’s lives easier and more efficient. The problem with technology is when giant sudo corporations get involved because they’re overall interests are different. Take for instance Apple (Sorry all you apple fans). Apple is a perfect example of how what could very easily be technology that changes the world is used instead as a way to make the rich even richer. Take for instance the recent release of the Apple iPad. The technology used in this device is truly jaw dropping. The thin touch screen the powerfull processor and the overall usefullness this product could provide makes it a true tech marvel! However Apple is out to make money and that’s it. So what do they do to ensure maximum profit? They restrict this products technology and force people to only use apple software with it! Why? I must ask! Why is it that they couldn’t open the greatness of this product to other operating systems? Why can’t people be allowed to use this great peice of hardware in other applications like hospitals and high volume companies? Because Apple knows that’s a market that wont make them a shit load of money is why! The sad truth is that many companies, not just apple are only in the game to make money! Put it this way ask any tech guru who uses linux why they hate Microsoft! No matter what it will most likely boil down to the fact that Microsoft is a corporate giant who charges an arm and a leg for their software without considering the customer! If for instance Microsoft were to release their product for free, or even a stripped down version of their product you bet your ass people would jump on that! Why? Because people don’t have the money to pay for products that they don’t find “worth it”. I guess you could view this as a rant but all in all I just think it’s really sad that we could be so close to an almost utopia type environment when it comes to technology but because we have rich, excuse my language, fucking ass holes running these giant ass corporations the people who lack money and need technology the most are left unsatisified! Please let the record note that their are some companies, and groups of people, who try very hard to ensure that technology get’s spread around at a reasonable, if not free rate. Google for instance makes loads of money but doesn’t charge for a basic version of any single peice of their software! They “share” their technology with the world and maybe just maybe if corporations realized this they might understand why google is standing on quite a bit of cash! People love google for their openess and freeness. My only hope is that one day instead of placing more and more restrictions of technology we embrace the concept of open source and finally live in harmony with corporations who produce this truly generation changing technology that the world can use on a daily basis!

Installing Webmin On An Ubuntu Server

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Remote server management is a hassle as it is and when your trying to save money in this economy by running Open Source Software things can seem very scary having to deal with terminal for things like DNS entries and Apache web-server management. Luckily there is an alternative. Now while this application is free and completely open source I must warn you there will always be situations where you’ll have to deal with a terminal session which is why I highly recommend installing OpenSSH. So what is this great remote server management utility you may ask? Ladies and gentleman allow me to introduce Webmin current version is 3.8. Installing this application is actually fairly easy and to make the actual terminal code a little easier I’ve copied the file to my server for use with this tutorial. So here goes.

To install open a terminal session via OpenSSH or the physical machine
type: sudo aptitude install perl libnet-ssleay-perl openssl libauthen-pam-perl libpam-runtime libio-pty-perl libmd5-perl
type: wget
type: sudo dpkg -i webmin.deb

Once The Install Has Completed Test It By Going To

https://(Replace This With Domain Name).com:10000

Now once your in the layout is very simple. You’ll notice the Navigation Panel on the left which allows easy one click access to major server services such as Apache, Bind DNS, OpenSSH, and many many more. The overall feel of the control panel is very comfortable to be honest I found it a lot easier than dealing with the terminal. The configuration files for all your services will be managed with this control panel utility however when installing Bind 9 I had some issues at first with the Names.conf file. On the top of each main service page there is a module configuration link that will allow you to control where to look for specific configuration files and which configuration files you wish for Webmin to use. This is a key point if you are switching from another control panel that may have managed those same configuration files. This way it’s easy to integrate with existing servers which is something that I have had issues with other control panels in the past. Once it’s installed dive in a look around. If you need any help or would like to see more tutorials like this please feel free to email me or visit

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